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Success at last! RV3 into the 5 Second Zone..
Written by Frosty   
Sunday, 24 November 2019 19:01

After 5 years of effort and determination from the team RV3 rocketed into the 5 second zone at the Bahrain International Circuit on Tuesday 12th November 2019.

After Mondays private testing the car ran a full pass 6.15, which gave us the data on which way to go with the Neal Chance converter, and the main tune up. After a major stator change the car picked up it’s performance massively starting off with a 5.95 @ 260.4mph, which not only gave us the 5 second pass we’d worked so hard for, but knocked the world street legal MPH record out into orbit (previous record was  251.4 mph)! This allowed Shane T to work his magic on the tune up.



We then ran 5.92 @ 262mph, followed by a 5.87 @ 263.7mph, which was backed up by all the numbers previously to cement the mph record even further, and to be within .025 sec of the ET record held by Jeff Lutz. With one day left of the tour we started off with an aborted run, then followed that with a 5.89 @ 257mph. On this pass the transmission planetaries (gears) started to fail, curbing any more efforts towards the ET record.

The team decided not to risk doing damage by running the car with a known fault, and have decided to bring the car home.

The whole team are massively pleased with what we achieved, which was a 5 second ¼ mile, a 3.96 1/8 mile, 208mph in the 1/8 and 263.7mph in the ¼ mile, which is not only a street legal world record, it’s the UK and Europe’s fastest speed ever for any door car, regardless of whether it’s street legal or not. It is also the UK and Europe’s first 5 second street legal ¼ mile pass!

A huge thanks to everyone financially or morally who helped the team achieve this. We couldn’t have done it without you all. It very satisfying to chase a dream, and have ups and downs along the way, then achieve it in the end. And we proved that if you work at it hard enough you can realise your goals!




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Our Bahrain trip in film.
Written by Frosty   
Monday, 16 July 2018 22:49

The long awaited documentary is here for you folks who don't do social media.
Filmed early this year (2018) at the Bahrain International circuit it tells the story of our efforts to get back the worlds quickest and fastest street legal 1/4 mile title.
It's long, but well worth the watch as it's all real life. It's all about the blood ,sweat and tears of record chasing 5000 miles away from home(ours).....


Last Updated on Tuesday, 21 August 2018 21:00
Serck Motorsport partner with the RV1 racing team.
Written by Frosty   
Tuesday, 15 May 2018 20:09

The Red Victor racing team are pleased to announce a partnership between ourselves and Serck Motorsport for 2018 and beyond.

With RV3 setting the bar for street legal performance in Europe it seems a perfect fit for a company that has Motorsport at their heart.

Andy Frost, team principal says” As we use a good many of the parts available in Serck Motorsport’s catalogue, we are a great R+D test bed for those products. Serck will be able to hold us up as an example of the products they sell working in the most extreme environment. We thank Graham and Serck for supporting our quest for the 5 second zone, and look forward to putting their products to the most severe test!”

Graham Smith, general manager of Serck Motorsport says “ As we continue to develop our products and services within Serck Motorsport a new division has emerged and had been growing expanding the ranges and availability to Racers all over the U.K.

Supplying the best quality products in our ranges to our Racing Customers is our main goal in achieving total customer satisfaction.

Our new website is 15,000 part numbers strong and will be climbing to 35,000 throughout 2018,19.

Our range continues to grow and includes Vp and Sunoco Race Fuels, Fi Tech Fuel Injection Systems, Lucas and Gibbs Driven Lubricant Ranges, Meziere Electric Water Pumps and Flex Plates, Autometer Gauges, Goodridge and Aeroflow Range, Torque Storm Superchargers, Setrab Oil Coolers, Vibrant, Spal Fans and much more.

We are delighted to be continuing our support for the RV3 Team as their campaign continues to chase the magic 5 sec quarter mile pass in the incredible Street Legal Red Victor 3.”

You can check out all the products available on the Serck Motorsport website by clicking the link below.


5's or bust tour part 4
Written by Frosty   
Sunday, 22 April 2018 15:10

It's been a few weeks since we got back from Bahrain on our last leg of the tour.

Unfortunately it was tinged with disappointment as we didn't better our time from the 3rd visit, only netting a 6.08 @ 246mph. The team had to overcome a host of problems, and finally realising that the chassis was badly in need of an upgrade to take the 3600+ hp and 3000ft lbs of torque that the engine is now producing. It's a shame, but that is how racing goes.

The car is now on it's way back to the UK for the neccessary upgrades, and the team hope that we will return to Bahrain for the 2018/2019 BDRC season. As always that relies on us getting the funds to do this, but we are working on that as this is written.

Once again huge thanks to the RV team and the RV 5 second club and sponsors who are supporting us in this quest, and especially the BDRC staff, and Bahrain International Circuit staff who couldn't have been more generous in their hospitality.

Till next time, Frosty.

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5's or bust Bahrain tour part 3
Written by Frosty   
Tuesday, 06 February 2018 20:35

Red Victor Bahrain Tour 3


As most people know the Red Victor team went back to Bahrain in January to continue the quest for 5’s with a street legal car, and then go for the ET and speed record in the ¼ mile for a street legal car held currently by Jeff Lutz. As before ace tuner and good friend Shane Tecklenburg was in the house, and determined to get RV3 hauling down the track and running how it should do. The consensus outside our camp was there was no way that a 2965lb car could ever achieve the numbers we were after, and we were after proving those naysayers wrong….

Of course, all of this isn’t easy. Shipping the car and truck 5000 miles, getting the crew there, sourcing stolen items, fixing broken trucks, fixing the car, shipping the upgraded engine/trans and spares is all consuming. But, we signed up for it, so it just has to get dealt with without fuss or drama so we can carry on with the task in hand.

Anyway, the team of Deb, Gary, Badger and myself, along with 5 second club members Nick Bradley and Nik Wadsworth (and Gurmeet Dhanjal later on) got there early to refit the engine and trans, check the car over and get it ready to make a test lap. 4 days later after a host of niggly problems that needed fixing got done. We found out that leaving a car standing for a year doesn’t do them any good, although at least it was standing out of the sun!

We got a few test laps under our belt (albeit with tyre shake/spin) and continued to get further down the track as we learnt things from the data. We eventually managed to run the full ¼ to get a baseline on the new Lamude Racing built engine. This told us the engine was in good shape, and more importantly that the tune up was incredibly safe! In fact so safe it wasn’t actually making any power of note. As we were having issues with the suspension/wheelie bar we decided not to bother with the 60ft, and concentrate on the 330ft onwards to try and reach that initial goal.

So Shane set about chipping fuel and adding timing in small increments till the plugs looked like they had actually fired, so we would gain some more power.

Our initial test lap was 6.36, then 6.18, 6.04, 6.03 then finally 6.022 @ 250.92 mph, which put us 1/2mph and .18 secs off the record, and tantalisingly close to our initial goal of 5.999. This paid dividends when we realised how much power this std bore space Chevy engine with the Precision 102mm pro mod turbos made! By weight and speed right around 3650hp and the 70% level we are at now. Not so bad…

Next run was going to be the one, but as always in this sport of ours something has to give. This time the pinion stripped it’s teeth at around 150ft. Unfortunately this was the last day of racing at BIC, and because with diff breakage comes trans breakage we just ran out of time trying to fix to get another run. Damn….

The teams initial reaction was so near and yet so far, and it was time to pack up and come home. But, our loyal supporters in the 5 second club, along with our main sponsor R-Tech Welding Equipment were having none of it. They had been watching team member Andy Betsons’s live video for 2 weeks and had followed the ups and downs minute by minute!

They wanted us to come back and get the job finished, so within a week raised enough for us to go back (without going broke).

So, the team are going back for one last go at Round 5 of the BDRC championship on 6th March to 9th of March. We will arrive there a week earlier to get the new diff (supplied and built by Hauser Racing) in the car, and make the changes we want to make, plus check the whole car over, inc replacing the prop, slip yoke, valve springs (9600rpm on the limiter when the diff broke ) so we can get a couple of test laps on the last day of round 4. We are confident we’ll be in the 5s very soon after that, then we will do what is necessary to shoot for the MPH and ET part of the record. Of course only the timing slip counts..

Of course, doing something like this cannot be done by the team alone. It takes the help of sponsors and supporters to do it, and we couldn’t ask for better in ours.

Thank you to all of these companies and people who have helped and supported our quest for the last 3 years and more.

Red Victor 5 second full members club

Lamude Racing Engines

R-Tech Welding Equipment

Tuned by ShaneT

Precision Turbo and Engine

Turbosmart UK

E Kanoo Racing and Logistics


VP Fuels

Pro Alloy Motorsport


Cam Auto Developments

Steve Morris Engines




KA Sensors

Total Seal Piston Rings

Diamond Pistons

Manton Pushrods

Red Line Oils


Neal Chance Converters

Hutch Transmissions

Victory Performance

Powerlite Performance Electronics


Wilson Manifolds

Precision Shaft Technologies

Prestige Group

Visner Engine Development

Trackstuff UK

Cartek Motorsport Electronics

Pro Torque

MSK Racing

Braille Batteries


Club Calibra


And finally Adel Shaji, Hamad Shahabi and all the BRDC guys, and Bahrain International Circuit, who have accommodated our every need, and literally treated us like royalty every time we went to the track!

Hope you keep watching….




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