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Written by Frosty   
Thursday, 21 June 2007 20:55


Shane is, in our opinion, the most knowledgable tuner in the automotive world.
Able to tune everything from drag cars, to mile cars,to speedboats to bikes,and everything
in between!
If it has an engine then Shane can tune it. He can come to you in any place in the world,
OR he can tune your vehicle from his office!
Click on the logo to find out what Shane can do for you!


Simply the finest oil product our team has ever used, period.
We exclusively use Red Line products in the engine,
transmission, rear axle,and driveline on Red Victor 3.
Click the logo to find out how Red Line can improve your program.


Nothing comes close to the performance and service provided
by these guys. A very big part of our record setting performance
comes from their awesome 102mm Pro Mod Gen2 turbochargers.
Click on the logo to find out how they can increase the performance
in your car.


We've been using Diamond pistons since 2003, and have always had
great success with their products. Their hard anodized line of pistons
for power adder cars is unrivalled in our opinion.
We wouldn't dream of using anything else.
Click on the logo to find out what it takes to get Diamond in your
engine combo.


There's only one piston ring manufacturer allowed in any engine i use.
That is Total Seal. Using advanced techniques, and with a huge amount
of R+D that goes behind every type of ring package sold, you'd be insane
to use anything else!�
Click on the logo to find out how you can benefit from a Total Seal ring set.


We have used Turbosmart wastegates and BOV's for almost all of our turbo
engines, and are really happy to use them again in 2013. Their innovative products
not only work exceptionally well, they look superb too! Click on the logo to see
the Turbosmart product line.


The absolute best high temperature coating you can get!
Zircotec have been part of our program for 6 years, and not one bit of the coating
has ever come off on anything we have used.
Their product stands up to the highest temps you could imagine in the automotive world!
Click on the logo to see what they can do for you....


We've tried the rest, and in our opinion Goodridge are the best hose that money can buy!
Their lightweight range of hose has no comparison, and we wouldn't use anything else on
our car.
Click on the logo to see how Goodridge can be part of your program...


Victory certainly make the best titanium valves we have ever used.
Light AND strong makes for a valve that stands up to the ultra performance that RV3 has.
If they work for us,they'll work for you! Check out their products and buy some for your
performance car.....


We use the Turbowerx Exa pump to scavenge our turbos. It is hands down the best pump
you could ever use for this application! We had the same pump on RV3 for 3 years and it's
been flawless. Click on the link to get yourself the best oil scavenge pump in the world......


Cryogenic treatment of performance parts certainly works.

Frosty has seen the benefit of cryo treatment in his championship winning transmissions,and now is using that in his record setting engine.

Give them a call to see what they can do to improve your program!



The team moved to an aluminium block for the first time in 2013. We chose New Century,and we're very pleased with the results!

Not only does it look good, but it works good too! Better cooling, lighter weight,

and very strong. Enough to hold 3300hp up the track.
Contact Lowell to purchase the best and strongest water aluminium block on the planet....



Marc Lamude builds the engine for Red Victor 3. Need we say more? If you want a boosted

engine built to perfection then he is your man!



Hands down the finest pushrod money can buy,as used in�RV3's engine, and they turn the order

around in record speed! Give them a call with your requirements!



RV3 ran it's record setting 5 second runs at 260mph plus on Renegade Pro Methanol. That's pretty much all you need to know that the fuel works. From backed up data consistent from cylinder to cylinder, which keeps your engine making the optimum power!

Click on the link to find out what Renegade can do for you...



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