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03/03/03 - Caravan Gone PDF Print E-mail
Written by slinky   
Thursday, 21 June 2007 20:22

The car is now almost ready for the 0-60 challenge.The new shock absorbers are on and the gearbox is back in.Sad news is that some thievin' b******s nicked my "new" caravan from the outside my house.Thanx very much for ruinin' the start of the season for me.There is a reward for the persons who nicked it,just come round my house to find out what it is............
Watch out for news from Elvington after the event on this very page.

23/02/03 - 20,000 hits PDF Print E-mail
Written by slinky   
Thursday, 21 June 2007 20:21

At last I've got the car on the ramp and the box/converter are out,freshened and ready to go back in.The only thing that needed changing was the band as it had a bit of burning in the centre.The reason for that is the drum is worn slightly so I'll order a new CNC billet high gear drum from Racetuf,Australia for the next build at the end of this season.I was pleased to see that there was no major damage in there though.Must have been a good trans builder..........
Richard Perry of Peach TV came to do a profile on me for the 0-60 challenge.It's going to be an hour long programme on Granada Men and Motors channel in a documentary style featuring amongst others me,John Sleath and Sue Jackson so look out for it soon.
A bit of a milestone for the site as well this weekend as the 20,000 hits has clocked round.Thanx to all the people who have visited us since June 2001.Oh and don't forget, Let's see lots of your views and tech questions on the message board.
Tara a bit.....

12/02/03 - Trans Overhaul for the 0-60 PDF Print E-mail
Written by slinky   
Thursday, 21 June 2007 20:19

Not that much to report this week as it's the usual calm before the storm period.I'm just waiting for my Trans overhaul kit to arrive from LA Racing Parts so I can freshen the gearbox before the 0-60mph challenge,I'm also waiting for the new Strange rear shockers from RRC.Both have said they'll be here this week. On the 0-60mph front I had a phone call last week from the TV company asking if they could do a couple of visits to my garage to get an insight into what it takes to build and race a car like mine.Mmm that should be interesting,also check out a video called Smoke ,Fire and Thunder,there is an excellent piece on the CCSE including the dulcet tones of Ian of the FB's,Steve the "Greek" and yours truly.The video will be available shortly from Powerpoint communications at £14.95 +p+p.
The sponsorship situation is looking very disappointing this year,with only three sponsors staying on board,which is very strange as I've had more publicity than most.I guess the belts are really being tightened for most companies, although it doesn't help our cause much.....
On a brighter note the newly designed "hero cards" are being printed and the new T-shirts are being designed as this is being written.At least we should look really professional this year(especially with the new crew shirts courtesy of RRC),hopefully we'll be going much faster too..........
Till nex'time

28/01/03 - Post CCSE Bash PDF Print E-mail
Written by slinky   
Thursday, 21 June 2007 20:18

A few bits of news to report this week.Firstly,at the CCSE awards bash on the 25th I picked up a couple of very nice trophies thank you very much! The RRC racer of the year was a gorgeous crossed con-rods trophy c/w 4 crew t-shirts of our choice(thanks Andy and Kate) and a Brantwood auto breakers 150mph jacket.(see pic below).I also watched the fat boys picking up their coveted 8sec jacket and then laughed when they had to give it back coz it had 9.98 sewn on instead of 8.98(sounds about right at 148mph chaps eh?).Thanx to everybody involved in the organising department for a cracking evening(what I remember of it anyway.......)

Secondly I had an e-mail from Extreme Machines inviting me to the 0-60mph Guinness world record attempt at Elvington on March 15th.This should bring plenty of publicity to the CCSE cause especially as John Sleath in the bad to the bone Audi has been invited as well(can't wait to see their faces when we turn up and start the cars up at Elvington!) Hopefully traction will be OK for us to show how fast the CCSE cars really are.Dependent on the TV companies we might be profiled on the telly (until they hear "awrite skip" and laugh that is..)We'll see eh.
This news has pushed the gearbox strip to the forefront of jobs to do so it'll be in the workshop as soon as it's convenient.
I have also been in contact with some T-shirt printers to do a long awaited follow up to the Red Victor 1 t-shirts.If they come up to scratch with the artwork I'll be having some done.Cost will be £10 if bought at the track,and plus P+P if ordered by e-mail or by phone.
That's it for now,back later next week

Last Updated on Thursday, 21 June 2007 20:18
News Pre '03 PDF Print E-mail
Written by slinky   
Thursday, 21 June 2007 19:01

First of all a belated happy new year to all you Red Victor 1 followers and sorry about the lack of updates but as was reported on FB Racing and Eurodragsters sites(thanx both)my webmasters computer decided to throw a complete wobbly and blow up it's hard drive.Anyway as you can imagine there has been lots happening since i last updated so here goes.
Firstly a big thanx to Lee Childs at LA Racing for getting me those MT balloons for before Xmas and at the right price to boot.The fuel and nitrous systems are now finished as the whole of the NEC found out(i drove the car in and out,after all it is a street car) although no thanx at all to the charlie who sent me on a 3 mile trip the wrong way round the NEC with my lad hanging off the roll cage and door in freezing temperatures.Don't ask me what he said when he got out........
Custom Car mag is now out with Red Victor2 adorning the front cover and the 4 middle pages.I know i'm biased but it's a really good feature(thanx to Mark G and Kev E)with plenty of great pics and photos.Also there's a good photo and write up in Street Machine of the doorslammers(plenty of publicity this month then.......
As for the Autosport show itself it went really well with large crowds always around the 4cars on the CC stand.Again i know i'm biased but i didn't see any cars in the whole show to better the one's on our stand(F1 included)and the crowds bewildered reaction to our cars being street legal was something to savour.The favorite comment that i heard was "bloody hell it's got road tax on it",2nd was "look at the size of the NOS bottle".All in all it's been a cracking couple of weeks for the Red Victor1 team.
There is now just a little over 3 months left before the start of the season and the biggest thing i've got to do is freshen the gearbox.There's something wrong there surely..........
till the next update.




Pictures Courtesy of Eurodragster and Dragster world
Not much to report again this week as xmas is here already.I've finished the manifold plumbing as you can see for yourselves.The fuel pipes front to back are a different matter though as i am only half way through them( anybody's who's tried to bend -10 ali piping will know what i'm on about!).I'll have to get them finished over the xmas holiday i think.Anyway that's all for now just time to wish you all a merry xmas and a happy new year and thanx for tuning in to the home of awesome burnouts this year.



                                                  Phrase courtesy of Ian Jackson
Not to much to write this week as things are moving slowly.The fuel tank is in(thanx to Nigel Colewell for the awesome fabrication) and plumbed up to the rear bulkhead,the intake manifold is almost ready to put back on and the fuel pipes to the front are almost ready to put on.Almost is the word of the week as time is at a premium presently due to the workload I've got.The car will be ready for the Autosport show though along with Richard Homewood,Steve Neimantis and Andy"street car" Robinson.All these cars should make the general public(and other racing people) sit up and take some notice of Drag/Street racing in this country.And not before time I here you say......


Sorry for the lack of news of late,work and trying to get the car ready for the Autosport show are some of the reasons for that.As Fatty reported on his news page I bought Novembers production of Speedflow hose ends to redo the fuel system,and he was right in saying that it won't make the car any faster.But it's what they're connected to that makes it faster!
I've also been cleaning the rubber from under the wheelarches.Jeez there's enough for two new tyres under there,I must of half filled a 18"x18" box! If I'd have left it another year the tyres would be digging there way through it.I've also took the axle apart to check everything and it all seems spot on,PHEW!
That's it for now,hopefully I'll have some pics of the finished fuel and nitrous system soon.
Question,How many hose ends and fittings does it take to fit a fuel tank in the rear of the car?
Answer,this many!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jeez,I couldn't believe how many fittings I needed.I should have done it in rubber hose and jubilee clips,it would have been a lot cheaper for sure!
The big news this week is that we will be at the Autosport show at the NEC in Birmingham at the beginning of January.Custom Car magazine have a stand there again this year and have asked me to bring the car along.There will also be 2 others going but they have to be confirmed.
I have also secured a truck and trailer for the Finland trip,so we will be travelling in style to Makke's garage at the end of June.I'm amazed at the interest this trip has drawn,so many people will be there to see the worlds fastest FD VX4/90 cruisin' the streets and racing at Alastaro.Roll on next summer.......
As I said in the last news item watch out for a piece in the Express and Star on Red Victor2.Unfortunately they put the writing in one week and the picture in another.So much for professional journalism eh......On the feature front look out for an in depth article on Penn Autos(my Auto transmission business)in Street Machine,a full feature on Red Victor2 in Custom Car magazine and on the online magazine site of www.dragracer.de .There is also a new international race magazine that want to do a feature but that has to be confirmed.That's as well as race reports from the Euro finals,Uk Finals and the Doorslammers in CC and SM.
On the car front I've already started to plan for next year.Nigel Colewell has started to make me a new fuel tank for the rear and the parts are already ordered to upgrade the fuel system.The intake manifold will be off shortly to fit the 3rd stage nitrous system,a 500hp TopGun fogger system no less! I will also freshen the gearbox even if it doesn't need it coz it's better to be safe than sorry I say!! I'm also considering fitting a data logger to be able to see what is going on in the car but that is down to funding(the need to get tyres etc is more pressing at the moment)
That's it for now but I will be updating once a week over the winter with news and photos to let you all know what's happening at home of the worlds fastest Vauxhall VX4/90 FD.
Look out for a picture and a bit of a feature in the Express and Star newspaper(a midlands paper) before the Euro finals.Hopefully it will be a colour picture by the man himself Mark Gredzinski so it will be a quality snap.Should promote the Euro finals and Drag racing nicely.  

I have been talking with my good friend Marko “Makke”Patsikka from Finland over the past few days. We have been arranging a trip to Finland next year for the FIA race at Alastaro. I will go there a week before the race to cruise around Makke’s local town and meet a lot of his racing buddies. There are also plans for a feature in a Finnish magazine called “V8 magazine” .I’m not sure what class I’m going to race in but according to Makke there are some real heavy hitting “street type” cars in Finland, so hopefully we can have some good races together and keep the English end up(if you know what I mean!).We will also be staying at Makke’s for the week after the race to take in some Finnish hospitality. Big thanks to Makke for letting us stay at his gaffe for 2 weeks while we go racing! I also need to hire a enclosed trailer and truck to pull the trailer. Can anybody out there help. I will be going at the end of june until the middle of July. E –mail me if you can help. It is now a very busy period for me with 3 race meetings in the space of 6 weeks. Hopefully I can come out of them with an 8sec timing ticket! We’ll see eh.
See you all at Shakey or Santa Pod.

Last Updated on Thursday, 21 June 2007 20:16
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