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Written by slinky   
Thursday, 28 February 2008 19:52

Driver and Team Principal/Owner : Andy "Frosty" Frost


Andy has owned Red Victor since 1982 and has been drag racing with the car since 1988. He's won a multitude of races in all different classes and travelled to the USA,Canada and Europe with the car. He's also raced in Top methanol dragster! Now he his taking the ultimate step in doorslammer racing in 2011 with Red Victor 3. Yes,it's Pro Modified time,and still with a street legal car!
Look out for us at Santa Pod.



Tuner : Shane Tecklenburg


As we have gone to a MoTeC M800 EFI system there was only one man for the job of tuning. His vast experience with twin turbocharged cars meant that him tuning the new car was a no brainer.He is able to not only tune the car whilst he's here but remotely from his base in California,USA!!

You can see Shane's accomplishments on his site at www.fastmotorsports.com



Crew : Debbie Frost

Andy, Debbie and Gary attack Toys R Us in Finland
Andy, Debbie and Gary attack Toys R Us in Finland

Deb is the general manager of the team. She sorts out everything that goes on in the background and does a mighty fine job of it too, as she has done for the last 34 years and counting!



Crew Chief : Gary Frost

Gary Frost


A promotion for a young man who has come on in leaps and bounds since he started with the team. He will make a good co-crew chief with Jan as his guide.



Crew : Badger Bourton

Badger Bourton


Our new crewman Badger Bourton is a fabby extraordinaire, and a useful guy to have on the team. He also eats a huge share of biscwits for his size!



Crew : Rob "Henchman" Kearns

Look out,there's a henchman about
Look out,there's a henchman about


As his nickname suggests Rob is the teams "minder". He helps in all sorts of ways,putting his hand to just about any team duty.Best of all he's great for team morale.....

Sadly our friend and henchman passed away on the 13th October 2015. He will be greatly missed by the whole team, but he will always ride along with RV3! RIP Rob "Henchman" Kearns.



Webmaster : Larry Stockford

Larry Stockford

Larry is an American Football playing petrolhead who fixes up old Volkswagens and Porsches for a living.

He's also an occasional drag racer and is currently building a street legal VW Pro drag Beetle.

So, if this website doesn't work, then you can blame him.



Team Photographer : Matt Woods


Never happy unless he has a camera in his hand, our official team snapper is
the best photo guy i've ever come across! We're glad he said yes when we asked him to be "our" guy.
Maybe the only thing that makes him tick is the mental 300hp Mini he has been tinkering with forever. That's why he fits in so well....

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