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Wishing everyone a great 2014!
Written by Frosty   
Sunday, 29 December 2013 13:45

On behalf of the Red Victor racing team we wish all of our friends, sponsors and supporters a happy and successful year in 2014.

We hope that whatever you do in life comes to fruition, and hope to see some of you at a race track or show at some point next year!

Good luck everyone.........

Ratec Racing Radiators renew with the team for 2014.
Written by Frosty   
Wednesday, 18 December 2013 20:15

The team would like to thank the great folks at Radtec for supporting the team again in 2014!

They handle all the cooling on RV3, including the water radiator, trans cooler and Lenco cooler. They are all custom made to exacting standards to cope with the heat generated by the 3000+ hp that RV3 has.

They do all types of custom aluminium radiators for any car. So, if you are in need of one just visit their website where you'll find what ever you need for cooling your vehicle.



Goodridge to support RV1 racing on 2014.
Written by Frosty   
Wednesday, 18 December 2013 20:13

The Red Victor Racing Team are very proud to announce that Goodridge are commited to supporting the team again in 2014!

Andy Frost, team principal says, “After our record breaking year in 2013, we are very happy to have Goodridge on the team again for 2014! We rely exclusively on their 910 lightweight hose and fittings, and have been very happy with the way they performed under the incredible pressure and heat that RV3 produces on the track. Their products also performed admirably on the road too!

We thank Martin and the team at Goodridge for their awesome products and support”.

Martin Taylor, Product Marketing Manager from Goodridge is happily supporting the Red Victor Racing Team for its second year running not only for its obvious 1/4 mile achievements, but also due to the fact it shows what top quality engineering can do with top quality products!
May I wish Andy and the team all the best for 2014!

The Red Victor Racing team thank Goodridge for their support, and look forward to another record breaking year in 2014 with Goodridge fluid transfer products on board!

And if like the RV Racing Team you’d like to get with the lightweight revolution, or just see how they could help your programme, just visit the Goodridge website at www.goodridge.net .

Turbosmart USA on board again for 2014!
Written by Frosty   
Sunday, 10 November 2013 11:53

More great news for the RV1 racing team. Turbosmart USA are supporting the team again in 2014!

We use 2 of their 60mm wastegates with travel sensor provison built in as std, and the Race Port BOV on our record breaking car and they performed faultlessly all year long! They have become yet another part of our record breaking performance....

The team thank VP Marty Staggs and the team at Turbosmart USA for their fantastic support and awesome products, and look forward to seeing what their products can do in 2014!

You'd be mad not to use them for your turbo project! Click on their logo to the left, or visit their facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/TurbosmartUSA to see what products they have to offer.....

Last Updated on Wednesday, 18 December 2013 20:13
Fast Motorsports to support the team again in 2014!
Written by Frosty   
Sunday, 10 November 2013 11:31

We are proud to announce that Shane Tecklenburg aka Fast Motorsports has commited to supporting the RV1 racing team for 2014 and beyond!

Fast Motorsports head honcho Shane Tecklenburg is THE premier tuner of all things with an engine, from single cylinder to 12 cylinder, N/A, turbocharged or supercharged.

Frosty says "Shane has the ability to get the very best out of everything he gets involved with, wherever you are in the world!. His ability to remotely tune from his office is unrivalled in my opinion, and he is one of the big reasons that our team are always setting world records! Of course his on site skills are equally, if not more impressive! The proof of that is what we have achieved in the last 2 years. Shane T involved with your program = Win!

We are very proud and honoured that Shane has chosen to support our team again for the foreseeable future, and look forward to what he can do for us next year!"

Visit Shane's website or click on the logo to the left, and get in touch with him to see how he can improve your program. You'll be very impressed!


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